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Giovanna Salas,Vigorous life!                     

Table of Contents

Ashish Wagh, Knocks on the door of success with courage
Geoff Browne, A legend as a special filmmaker 
Guy Renardeau,Always create music with passion and love 
Sefi Carmel, Starts your spring movie journey with his music 
Renee Beaulieu and her movie  "Les Salopes or the Naturally Wanton Pleasure of Skin"

Giovanna Salas,Vigorous life! 

         Giovanna Salas,Vigorous life!
                      Her stories

                             Women  power

Great Filmmakers

     Giovanna Salas,

                   Vigorous life!

Yes, I chose the phrase “vigorous life” to describe Giovanna Salas despite that there could be so many words that remind me of her such as kind, beautiful, optimistic, diligent, deliberate and appealing smile…However, “vigorous” is the most accurate word to describe the state of mind that Giovanna currently is in. Let’s meet Giovanna Salas, a rising star in the new media field in Hollywood, a business woman, an artist, a writer, and a filmmaker with dream.(By Margaret.S)



                                                               Giovanna Salas,Vigorous life!


Margaret Sha/Author

Yes, I chose the phrase “vigorous life” to describe Giovanna Salas despite that there could be so many words that remind me of her such as kind, beautiful, optimistic, diligent, deliberate and appealing smile…However, “vigorous” is the most accurate word to describe the state of mind that Giovanna currently is in. Let’s meet Giovanna Salas, a rising star in the new media field in Hollywood, a business woman, an artist, a writer, and a filmmaker with dream. Here’s her official bio:


Giovanna Salas is a film producer and business woman who quickly earned the moniker "Miss Heart of Hollywood" among the industry elite. She is also known as a screenwriter due to her series "Hollywood or Bust," centered on obstacles faced by new talent arriving in Hollywood with hopes of fulfilling dreams. Giovanna believes that success and social responsibility go hand in hand. In order to give back to the community, she has founded several organizations to support talent and open doors to minority groups within the Hollywood industry.

Giovanna had worked with several directors, producers and fashion designers over the years. Her ability to organize, problem-solve and direct teams eventually led her to found her own entertainment company, Heart Of Hollywood Motion Pictures, based in Los Angeles CA.

The company offers production services for the modern filmmaker and has a growing global networking platform for talented professionals working in every aspect of the entertainment industry.


Giovanna Salas work independently as a Filmmaker Consultant for Heart Of Hollywood Motion Pictures and All Media Services based in Spain.


When we talk about Giovanna, any of her friends would agree how they are often imbued by the genuine enthusiasm in her unique laughter. Doubtless, Giovanna is a woman with quite a lot internal power. As a business woman, she has a busy schedule every day. She does not sit in the office and give order. Instead, she gets her hands down to the details in every small part of the work. She has put plenty of time and hard work into the magazine Heart of Hollywood. From the editing to page design, she takes part in every step, giving suggestions and always trying for better outcomes. She utilizes her ability in new media making to help the growth of the magazine even more. 


In addition to the work in Heart of Hollywood, Giovanna has many meetings to hold since her business has been international. She communicates with people in the US, Mexico, Europe and Asia. Together they push forward the work of Heart of Hollywood^^^. According to Giovanna, Heart of Hollywood is like a car, which leads the newcomers in the field to the road of art. She hopes to help more new filmmakers start their journey of creating art, opening the gate for their dreams. 


In between work, Giovanna spends a lot of her time drawing—a passion that she loves with her life. In contrast to her business mode, she could be quiet and calmed when drawing. Her artworks are also full of creativity. In her surrealism art, there is usually deep philosophical thinking as well as passionate brushstrokes. From those artworks, I could see her thinking towards humanity and exploration in the core of women’s life. Giovanna’s talent shows through her paintings. In her drawings, I see her boldness in the color palate as well as the deep thinker that she is from the content she draws.


I once asked her if she has ever wanted to be a painter, and she said, yes. I then asked that if she had to choose between painter and business woman, which would she choose. She answered that there is no need to choose because drawing is her life; it’s something that has already melt into her being. But as a business woman she caries more responsibilities, which will help more people directly. According to Giovanna, helping others gives her joy. Since she became the CEO of her company, she has led the company to provide support for new artists, helping them get closer to success. This sense of responsibility keeps her days in busy works. Countless meetings, countless live streams and video shooting, Giovanna’s hard work has repaid her with satisfying outcomes. 


Now Giovanna is leading her team, working on a talk show called “Share Your Heart.” It will bring Giovanna’s belief, positivity, enthusiasm and inspiring power to the world ,just is like her other projects.


”The world needs inspiration and it also needs to find a way to adapt to the current times that we are going through such as the pandemic and technological changes. We want to share our heart with all of you and let you know that you can follow your dreams despite the challenges that life might bring to you. 



“We want to create in depth interviews of what happens inside a creative individual by sharing their heart and bringing you into their world as we showcase their creative space” This is the original inspiration that sparked Giovanna’s talk show. 


The production of this talk show already started with the first guest Will Franco, an accountant who decided to embark on a journey to become a fashion designer. They have more guests added to the list such as Hollywood film producer Steve Longi.  


 I hope this talk show series in hope that it will empower people’s mind with useful knowledge and positive energy. At the same time, it might help people who enjoy or creates art get some experience on their journey to dream. 


No matter as a woman in business or as an artist, Giovanna Salas has shown us the strength to keep going up. Even when she faces difficulties, she never gives up on her belief. Instead, she turns trouble to a chance and gains power from it to share with others. Thus, here I would like to quote a poem by Giovanna as the end of this interview:


The taste of freedom 

By Giovanna Salas

I never really new that I was free 

Until I tasted the freedom 

Life never show me a watch to stop time 

The waves took me deep into the water


I’m in a dream that wraps my mind 


That young aren’t told that they are free


Until one day you are awakened perhaps by no one else other than yourself 


The roses loose their color with time and the petals break with a simple touch 


But freedom is unbreakable


Freedom is impossible to exchange for any amount or quantification on material things 


The pleasure of thinking freely and express one’s desires is testament of love for our own self’s 


In my intense life there is no time to show anyone else other than who I’m. 


I wish to the young to discover their freedom 

I wish to the old not forget to enjoy the freedom that they have discovered 


I’m didn’t  know the body thar carried this soul 

I have being unkind neglecting my own heart and  the voice deep inside that beats like drum 


The taste of freedom is me now 

(Edited by Elizabeth.W)

Ashish Wagh Photo.png


Great Filmmakers


                          The star on June 2021
                              Ashish Wagh,
nocks on the door of success
                             with courage


Ashish Wagh, Knocks on the door of success with courage

Different moments of Giovanna Salas 

Ashish Wagh, Knocks on the door of success with courage


Ashish is one of the most hardworking filmmakers I know. In my eyes, Ashish seems to be born as a filmmaker. He is not only a successful film distribution expert, but also works on writing stories and making films as a director. So how did Ashish, a business graduate, become a successful filmmaker? What does his experience teach us? Today, we are lucky to have this manuscript from Ashish, let's read his story together!

-------- Margaret Sha



                                     “ All our dreams can come true......


                                                Ashish Wagh/Author


I never knew that, I was going to be Film Director & Producer. 


As a growing child I was up to many things & not sure about my career goal. In my childhood, I used to visit my granny’shome in summer vacation. My uncle owned a theatre & I used to watch films from projection room. I was so fascinated to see the whole process of its operation. I started learning about cinema & industry as whole through people who were part of it. By the age of 17, I was certain that I will be working in this Industry and films is my passion.  . 


I have completed my school from my hometown & moved to Pune (Maharashtra, India) for my graduation. I have graduated in commerce but that was not the end. Always wanted to be independent & do my own things, so got into the sales job at mobile company. 


As we say things are planned for everyone but you have to pursue it till you get it. After few years I got the opportunity to be a part of film distribution business. It was totally new to me but it was different job from the routine one, it was challenging & interesting. When I started working it took me few years to get hold of on film distribution business. My interaction with people with my seniors changed the perspective & that too in a corporate structure. 


I started my journey in Bollywood at the age of 22. My film career begin with UTV Motion Pictures (Now Disney India) as an Area Manager of Western Maharashtra. I had distributed many award winning films like, Swades, Khosla Ka Ghosla, Rang De Basanti etc….Few years later I switched on to other corporate company Studio 18 (Now Viacom 18). My aim was to learn and gain knowledge from my own experiences and from as many people as I could. It was always a wonderful experience working around on and offsets. 


After heading All India Film Distribution for Reliance Entertainment & DreamWorks Studio for many years and simultaneously working on successful Acquisition deals, I wished to explore the mainstream Cinema individually with Producing and creating good content and exhibit untold stories. 


The struggle was real but I learned from every failure to success. I came here with a dream in my eyes and started it with my company Indian Film Studios, my venture which produced and distributed films. Post that, I became the Founder of Dreams Beyond Entertainment (USA) and directed my first British Film “The Ploy”. My well known produced Film “Lihaaf (The Quilt) along with Oscar winning Producer Marc Baschet was unveiled at Cannes. Also co-founder of Merry Go Round Studios partnered with National Award winning director Mr Umesh Shukla. 


I have shot films in different parts of India & abroad. I have directed commercial with Indian Football Captain Mr. Sunil Chhetri & produced commercial for Ministry of Social Justice with legendary actor Mr. Amitabh Bachchan. My team is exploring and working on great ideas which can be made in films/web series. Near future will be directing/producing content for digital platforms. 


I was part of Indian Film, Art & Culture delegation representing Indian Film Industry in China. I have travelled to many of the Chinese provinces to show case Indian culture. 


I have produced many films individually and also working closely with Studios like Sony Pictures, Jio Studios etc.. to produce great content. Together we have films ready to be released and an enviable film catalogue in pipeline for coming years. 


To create a Global Content House based out of India creating properties which extend themselves to creating connected stories in new worlds across the globe that have sustenance potential.


“All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them” – Walt Disney 

(Edited by Elizabeth.W)






                                             The star on May 2021                              

                                                                                                                                                                                Geoff Browne,legend as a special filmmaker 






                                    Geoff Browne, a legend as a special filmmaker 


                                                                       Margaret Sha/Author


A few years ago, when I just moved to West Hollywood, a friend who worked in Hollywood sent me a message: "Welcome to Hollywood. Here you might meet some of the Hollywood stars while you are writing your script at a café in your neighborhood."

Many stars live in Beverly Hills, but what I love more about West Hollywood is the vivacity of creating art, especially a strong atmosphere that motivates the filmmakers here.It is a place where many filmmakers pursue their film dreams. Even the coffee shops each has a distinctly Hollywood style.

It is very usual to find a laptop on almost every table in a coffee shop, or to see producers and agents discuss a film project with some actors or writer. There is a screenwriter, a current or future artists behind each laptop. Of course some writers would like to write in the Writers Guild Library or the Academy Library.

If you lived in West Hollywood, you would see that people all over the world were either making a film or on their way to prepare making one. I got used to this environment then. I could meet some stars while I'm writing here, or I could have lunch with my film master mentor at the restaurant on Melrose Avenue while he's working with Kim and listen to him talking about the new movie they're shooting...... West Hollywood always surprises you, and those successful movie stars and great film producers always inspire those who are on the way to pursue their dreams!

West Hollywood is really a place where dragons hide and tigers crouch. Geoff Browne is one of them, pursuing his film making dream in this magical place.

My friend was also right about the daily scene in west Hollywood. When Geoff Browne and I had our first meeting to discuss a screenplay collaboration, Jake Gyllenhaal was sitting right next to us. Living in such an environment, Geoff Browne was both stressed and motivated.


Geoff Browne, a brilliant director, photographer, a writer, a screenplay doctor, and an actor who loves acting with his heart. Before he came to Hollywood, he had already made the legendary movie “Call it Karma”,which won the film earned the award for Best Adventure Film at the Whistler Film Festival.


Creating this film was not easy. From a city in Canada to Tibet in China, filming the journey of the protagonist had been a challenge, especially for Geoff Browne, who came from the west. Toronto, Tibet and Nepal, they all have different languages, weathers and lifestyles and culture…… Nonetheless, Geoff’s love for film and passion for creating pushed him to overcome all the barriers. He worked on the film as both the director and the photographer, he has been in Tibet many times. Finally he has created the documentary film “Call it Karma” which won the award. Many media reported the award at the time and have given his work positive feedback. 

But the significance of this film is not only its adventure. In the long shooting, in the close communication with the protagonist, Geoff Browne gained a deep understanding of the character's culture, spirit, faith... It's not a coincidence that the title perfectly encapsulates the soul of the film. It's a statement of the director's artistic ability to create something. Geoff Browne has overcome and transcended geographical and cultural limitations. Not only to know and to understand what he saw, not only to present the superficial reality, he transcends all limitations. He expressed to the audience the essence of the deeper spiritual and cultural belief, especially through the title of his film, concise and profound, revealing and sublimating all the truths hidden in the plain surface life. Indeed, he created this film that reflects philosophical thinking and cultural discussions.


During the journey of making the film, Geoff Browne also made his own legend. 


He plans to publish a book to show the world over 100 photos has taken and selected in Tibet. But when people talk about the film, he would just smile—that is already his past. He would like to talk about his new scripts with enthusiasm. He will talk about his adventure in Nigeria, where he was doing research for his script Yahoo Boy......  he had to hire local body guards with guns to protect him from possible dangers during his research there.

After all the adventures and challenges, Geoff Browne’s legend has continued from Toronto to Hollywood. More than a decade of hardworking and challenging himself, he has made his work more and more sophisticated and his view broader and broader. 


What we see on his resume today is: Geoff Browne, an award-winning filmmaker who has had his work showcased at festivals around the world. Geoff's numerous adventure in the past 20 years makes him unique in the industry.

He has shot in a variety of locations around the globe including Tibet, India, Nigeria, Antarctic convergence, the Arctic, Iran, Saudi Arabia and many more. He also shot on Nat Geo's number one show Drugs Inc. and spent weeks with the LAPD, DEA, doing raids and arrests, and secretly meeting drug dealers and cartel members. Geoff has also been the cinematographer for 2-times Oscar-winning Director Malcolm Clarke, Honorary director on the director board of Hollywood International Women Arts Alliance.


Stepping onto a foreign continent for filming, winning awards, immigrating to the US as a outstanding talents artist and living and working in Hollywood, Geoff Browne never stops the pursuit for film. His footsteps have been to many places in America,China and Nigeria......He is a special director, photographer, screenwriter , script doctor and a actor, He has been keen on every job that he has done.  He also puts his time in training as a good actor, and we saw his brilliant performance in an advertisement with Marty Kove together.

In the winter two years ago, he played a role of a father sad. His acting really surprised me. As soon as the camera started rolling, Geoff I know disappeared, and it was that heartbroken man in my story standing in front of the camera. Later I knew that he started preparing for the role two weeks ago so that he could become that role in the filming space. I admire and appreciate his respect for his work. His action shows that saying: there’s never small roles in a true artist’s eyes.


I believe that any stunning actor, any glowing star, rises from these little day-to-day effort. I believe that Geoff Browne will shine even more through his works and his love for filmmaking. We have heard some good news from him recently : 

“As for everything else is good. I am taking a great Directors Lab through Sundance Institute ”


“And finished my comedy feature and have gotten strong good feedback.  There has been one or two notes aaahhhh that I agree with so need to make those tweaks.”


“Then finished my outline for the 50-100k thriller I want to make. Shoot here and Mexico, Tijuana ”


“...... I plan to direct and be the lead role in it but we’ll see ”

So far Geoff Browne just finished the Sundance Core Directors Lab, it is known to be very competitive to get accepted. Let's say congratulation and good luck to Geoff Browne, we are looking forward to his new legend!

Geoff Browne,a lengend filmaker.jpg
Geoff Browne11.jpg
Geoff Browne10.jpg
Geoff Browne in DIBET.jpg

“Geoff Browne has shot in a variety of locations around the globe including India, Nigeria, Antarctic convergence, the Arctic, Iran, Saudi Arabia,Tibet ,Shanghai and many locations in China,and many more ...... ”



Geoof Browne in Tebit.jpg
Geoff Browne at work1.jpg
Geoff Brown at work2.jpg
Geoff Brown in Nigeria .jpg
Guy Premiere 1.jpg

The star on April 2021
Guy Renardeau
Always create music
with passion and love




Great Filmmakers

Great Filmmakers




The star on May 2021 
 Geoff Browne, 
 legend as a special filmmaker

Indian Film Deligation representer in China.png
Darklight - Shooting in North Sikkim (India).png
commercial shoot with legend Mr Amitabh Bachchan.png
Hide & Seek Film Shoot.png
Lihaaf poster lauch at Cannes.png
243807027_556320445451938_4596594532647834524_n (1).png
The Ploy - Script narration with artist.png

Edited by Hannah.J

                                          T he star on April 2021                             
                                            Guy Renardeau,                   
                          Always create music with passion and love                                                    

commercial shoot with legend

Mr Amitabh Bachchan

Lihaaf poster lauch at Cannes

Indian Film Deligation representer in China

Darklight - Shooting in North Sikkim (India)

Hide & Seek Film Shoot

Commercial Shoot with Indian Football team captain Sunil Chhetri

The Ploy - Script narration with artist

Guy Renardeau,
                    Always create music with passion and love
                                                     Margaret Sha/Author

Music, they say, can take you where words can't. I think this is especially true of music in movies. And film composers, their role in film is sometimes underrated. 

For the star on April in “Great Filmmaker”,the brilliant film composer Guy Renardeau is worthy of the title.

Guy Renardeau is a multi-award-winning composer for film and television based in the Netherlands and Los Angeles. After his master degree in composition, orchestral arrangement, sound design, piano and guitar from the Hochschule für Music in Kõln Germany and the Conservatory in Amsterdam, he went to several countries in Europe touring with well-known musicians. He recorded for EMI, Sony, TV Europe, and film producers.

For a couple of years, he has developed a successful and unique approach to his scores and film music productions, songwriting, games and trailers. Jury member of the Montgomery International Film Festival 2019,and Guests of honor at the Montgomery International Film Festival 2019 Virtual Awards Ceremony,he also is Honorary director on the director board of Hollywood International Women Arts Alliance.


Recently, the heart of Hollywood invited Guy Renardeau to create the music for their fashion show,he really made audience a surprise!


people had to admire talent of Guy, and if you listened film music of Guy, you would know he can use the music of grand narrative, the classical music and modern fusion, regardless of whether they are magnificent present or is exquisite, can freely express in his music.


But he can also convey fashionable things with perfect, powerful rhythm and passion, and at the same time you feel that the word limitation doesn't seem to apply to his work. Because his music, whether it's for film scores, or for documentaries or for news,you don't feel any stiffness at all. He's not limited by different kinds of media. He can flow freely.

Open Guy's website, and you will see Guy displaying different categories of musical works. Rich music bring you different feelings, and diversified expressions will bring you constant surprises.

Guy Renardeau was once asked by the media what makes his creations special. He said:

When composing for a movie, I think about the character and the story in the most meticulous way, doing research and analysis. Then I get out of the way and simply find the proper musical sound palette to perfectly support and underscore the story. Afterwards, I work strenuous hours to“marry the music to the picture."I have done this throughout my years of experience. I am extremely passionate,constantly in awe and in love with this process!

As a pianist and guitarist, I have experience in a diverse pool of

 to middle easten to rock an classical. This gives me an edge as a performer and a composer, because I can express creativityand sensitivity on a deeper level, since


 of these styles comes a more excellent cultural and emotional experience of music.


 am deeply familiar with technology,and vastly fluent in current technology in my fied, all based around the DAW (Digital Audio Workstation),as well as sound mixing and engineering These skills make me a key asset for the people 1 work for and my clients, as I have a profound understanding of industry trends and the current workflow of film music and recording/engineering techniques.

The tech skills required for my picture job include  handling changes and edits as well as revisions; bouncing and delivering audio along with metadata and proper audio dimensions and compression, and stemming audio sessionsad dliverig(stripes of the finished mix, used for additional levels during the dubbing stage of movie audio post- production.

Perhaps this is why a talented composer has won many international awards and why he became the unique composer and musician !

Guy Renardeau's outstanding music creation is professional and diversified , it makes his road of the international creation to be more and more wide!

Edited by Elizabeth.W



Picture Guy.jpg

Renardeau,Award-winning composer

Mr.Sefi Carmel.jpg


The star Marc​h 2021 

                      Sefi Carmel
                        Starts your spring movie journey
                        with their music

No  03.16.2021

           The star on Marc​h 2021
                     Sefi Carmel,
   Starts your spring movie journey with their music


Guy in LA.jpg
Guy in Londen-1.jpg
Guy 1.jpg

Great Filmmaker

Sefi Carmel,
       Opens your spring movie journey with their music
                                Margaret Sha/Author



Because I was too busy last month,I missed the time to register for the Berlin Film Festival, so I also missed the event of composer Sefi Carmel during the Berlin Film Festival,although I have get his invitation. But I didn't miss the surprise news that their new works will be available to stream through Netflix from the 25th March!


Before I recommend Sefi's new works let's go over his basics.


Sefi Carmel is an award winning London based composer, sound designer, producer and mixer. He has been creating soundtracks for films, TV, commercials and games for over 2 decades.His diverse credits range from work on A list Hollywood feature films with the likes of Ridley Scott, John Woo, Chris Columbus, Cameron Macintosh, and Kevin Reynolds; to mixing, remixing and mastering tracks for David Bowie, Phil Collins, Bruno Mars, Michael Bublé, Massive Attack, BB king and many more.He has enjoyed success creating scores and soundtracks for Disney, Universal, Buena Vista, Miramax, Scott Free, BBC, MTV, ITV, National Geographic, Discovery, Sky, Five, Channel 4, and many more.

Advertising clients include top agencies such as Publicist and M&C Saatchi, and top brands such as Mercedes, BMW, Samsung, and many more.


His soundtracks are an exciting hybrid of epic, cinematic orchestral and cutting edge electronic music, using superb live musicians coupled with larger than life sound design, mixed in earth shattering iDolby Atmos to create that immersive cinema experience.


As described above, Sefi Carmel and his team have produced a lot of amazing work, especially during the epidemic, and he and his team have been working hard. I see almost no negative impact on them.


Indeed,Sefi Carmel has always been an artist of concrete positive force. During the epidemic period, in addition to creation, he also kept in touch with the filmmakers he knew, exchanging and communicating frequently, and the communication was not limited to the cooperation itself. He always conveyed inspiring enthusiasm.


At the Berlin Film Festival this year,Sefi held a visual meeting with some of filmmakers who there were around world,which was only available online although,but it worked.


I think that's one of the reasons he and his team have been able to work with so many famous filmmakers besides his musical talent. Talent, combined with hard work and positive energy, will make the artist and his team stronger.


Well, let's to go back talking about the new works by Sefi Carmel and his team,Their most accurate official statement is reproduced here:

Secret Magic Control Agency - Netflix Original Streaming 25th March


We’re thrilled to announce that Wizarts Secret Magic Control Agency will be available to stream through Netflix from the 25th March!


We had a lot of fun working on this Netflix Original Title, With Sefi leading the team to deliver the Sound Design, Foley and Full Theatrical mix!


A reimagining of the famous Brothers Grimm fairytale, the film features Hansel & Gretel as the main protagonists working as agents of the Secret Magic Control Agency who must come together to save the kingdom and rescue the kidnapped king!


We’re very excited to see our work on Netflix and are looking forward to future titles! Follow this link to get reminded of when it premiers for a perfect night in!

Legacy of Lies on Netflix

We’re also excited to announce that Legacy of Lies is now available on Netflix! Sefi co-produced the title as well as leading the Soundtrack Creation team to deliver the sound design and theatrical mix.


This blistering action thriller starring Scott Adkins was incredibly fun to work on and has picked up a whole host of awards. Full of deceit, betrayal and adrenaline fuelled fights and car chases, there’s no better way to spend an evening in!

Watch the trailer here or if you just want to dive straight in, follow this link to Netflix!


Congratulations to Sefi and his team, I can't wait for that and will watch them through Netflix!And hope you don't miss them too!(Edited by Lauren.M)











                  The star on Marc​h 2021

                                Renee Beaulieu

          and her movie "Les Salopes or the Naturally Wanton Pleasure of Skin"

New work of Sefi Carmel and his team.jpg
The work of Sefo Carmel and his
The poster.jpg


Great Filmmaker


The star Marc​h 2021 

Renee Beaulieu

and her movie"Les Salopes or the Naturally Wanton Pleasure of Skin"

No  03.03.2021

Renee Beaulieu
​      and her movie “"Les Salopes or the Naturally Wanton Pleasure of Skin"
                                Author/Margaret Sha


Renee is a director with a PhD, which determines her advantage in looking at the world and people. Her knowledge reserve as well as wisdom and strong inner strength add power to her arts talent.


I know Renee because of one of her movies "Les Salopes or the Naturally Wanton Pleasure of Skin" .

It is a film of high artistic and ideological quality. Since her perspective is absolutely from a female perspective, expressing female feelings and independent thinking, I think it can also be called a female film.


Renee describes the filming of the film as "very difficult, very difficult to overcome," ,She told that  they worked very hard when they shot the scene in which the heroine jumps naked into a swimming pool as being shot in cold weather. I could have imagined the difficulties that Renee was talking about, but I feel very lucky for her that she made the movie, and she did it very well.


The film seems to be about sex but actually has a deeper philosophical thought about life. In the history of the film, the film made a bold and unprecedented breakthrough in content and perspective. 


My point is echoed by fellow filmmakers. For example, Dutch award-winning filmmaker Guy Renardeu said of the film:

A very daring film about a middle-aged woman researching cells through sexuality: the pleasure of Skin proposes a different perspective by making a woman and her sexuality, the subject and no longer the object of the film ... presenting feminine sexuality that is self-assured, complex and subversive .


And Nikki Beverly Bohm also praised the film, saying:


Les Salopes or the Naturally Wanton Pleasure of Skin ” was an absolutely FANTASTIC ART HOUSE film with a drama vibe.

From the sound design/music score which was experimental and viscerally enchanting really engaging the senses along with the raw but sensually intricate visuals I was swept away at the gentleness yet unique originality in the way this film depicted love, sex, passion and sensuality.

The story and concept were enlightening and also very relevant to the subjects we are dealing with today as a society.

What was really magical about the movie is the way that Renee was able to capture raw human emotion in a sensual act with both artistic quality and animalistic passion and nature. I loved how the film had both a narrative flow but experimented with cinematography, which intensified the meaning and also made it an extremely deeply involved movie to watch. What I mean by this is that I felt the film in every inch of my body through the excellent storyline, beautiful performances, experimental touch and powerful, raw “in-your-face” and fearless sensuality.

The beauty of the discovery of ones temptations and lust in the lead character as she enjoys the pleasures of sex in at times unusual but entirely normal and very enchanting ways.

The script and dialogues, as well as the editing was fantastic too. Each point, each moment perfectly timed to allow the audience to feel, gain information and enjoy what they are seeing and experiencing as the characters go on their journey.

As much as sex and polygamy is a taboo in today’s society even though it’s become more prevalent than before it was alluring to watch it on screen through the beautiful and mesmerizing portrayal by both the cast, cinematography and the Director Renee’s vision.

One of the most exceptional moments was the very beginning with the cat purring in the black void until we see it then suddenly a naked woman is thrust upon a cold metal table in a veterinarian office. This was such a beautiful and very symbolic moment of pure animalistic passion, desire and need of enjoying each other as humans within our bodies sexually. The one desire that has become so restrictive yet is pure in its entire form.

Another intriguing moment that is exceptional is the Red staircase as the lead character has sex off screen with one of her students and the music score/sound design that backs it really symbolically shows what is about to ensue later in the plotline. It definitely doesn’t let you breathe easily.

Les Salopes or the Naturally Wanton Pleasure of Skin is a real delicacy. Like a fresh chocolate croissant one that lures you in with its fresh baked smell then when you bite into it the dark luscious chocolate drips all over you as you enjoy the multitude of tastes. This is how this film made me feel.

A true masterpiece. BRAVO!!!! Sensational, tantalizing, respectful, artistic, raw, astounding, brilliant.

TERRIFIC FILM! Worth every minute of it. Beautiful!!!


Yes, I agree with them,indeed I think this film of Renee is an expression based on human nature.She can make the movie so profound and perfect because of her thoughts and excellent artistic expression ability, It is an excellent artist to achieve the realm.


Her unique perspective base on women,bold and natural temperament make this film exudes a strong female consciousness. From this point of view, the movie is more about awakening women, awakening women to rediscover themselves and make choices. It is also meaningful to men, and its very existence creates mind and spirit communication between the women and man.


In a word, Renee created the most feminine feeling and the most philosophical thinking in history with the film "Les Salopes or the Naturally Wanton Pleasure of Skin". Her value is not only for women, but also for thinking about human nature and world(Living environment).

I believe that, as a great director, Renee will go better and better on the road of creation!

(Edited by Elizabeth.W)



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