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Hollywood IWAA

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1. Why make the crossover art platform for filmmakers

Nowadays, crossover has become a norm. While film itself, the crystallization of many arts in one, is the leader of the artistic crossover. Hollywood IWAA strives to be the bridge and platform for bringing together the talented artists of film and television.


Many filmmakers are also crossover artists. Some of them are directors, writers, photographers, painters, composers and so many possibilities. Even for a composer, they  do not just score for films but also for theater commercials, television shows or video games. Some screenwriters are poets and painters themselves, and there is no boundary between professions to define artists like those.


So, we need a platform where filmmakers can showcase themselves and their work on multiple levels. This platform is centered on film, but also takes care of other artistic talents and creations of filmmakers.

The convergence and communication of artists on this platform is centered on the film, and it is also the intersection of various tentacles of peripheral art. We hope that this intersection will lead to greater artistic inspiration and multi-faceted collaboration including but not limited to film production.


2. Why is it called the Women Arts Alliance?


The vast world is full of possibilities, and the content created by filmmakers is exquisite and varied. However, we only select female-themed films and related art for evaluation, and hold art seminars and exhibitions. The work evaluation and seminars will inspire us to explore and think more deeply and pursue higher meanings. Meanwhile, the exhibition will provide more opportunities for artists' works to be accepted by the market.


3. What do we mean by women themes?


Women-themed films are not limited to the work of female filmmakers. It includes everything about women's fate, living conditions, women's problems, women's contributions, women's relationship with the world, women's concerns and so on topics. These issues have no boundaries or races. We support women's voices to be heard by more people in the world through female-themed films and surrounding art so that more people will see the thinking of human society and the proposition of saving human beings.









Mission of Hollywood IWAA

Our Mission 

Our mission is to expand the global impact of women-themed films, to enhance the international reputation of their creators, and to provide opportunities and platforms for filmmakers to learn from international film masters.


Thus we can promote human health, equality and peace and make the world a better place!


We hold film festival awards, workshops and film exhibitions. We launch artists personal story, introduce new film, and publish professional books for the global film and television, film and television workers, organizations. During workshops, we help the filmmakers to enhance their technical skills and widen their sight. The filmmakers here can hear directly form international film masters and advanced lecture.



1. Sign up for our art activities and seminars.

2. Submit films and TV productions

to the Hollywood Women Themes International Film Festival.

3. Apply for Hollywood IWAA membership.

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Wonderful moment

Active filmmakers photos wall 

Ms.Giovanna Salas

Filmaker and media star

Director Renee Beaulieu worked for her m
Director Renee Beaulieu worked for her m

Director Renee Beaulieu at work

Director Renee Beaulieu worked for her m

Director Renee Beaulieu at work

GUY Renardeau . COMPOSER1.jpg
Guy in Londen-1.jpg
Guy in LA.jpg

Guy Renardeau

Award-Winning Composer

Geoff Brown in Nigeria .jpg

Geoff Browne was sresearching in Nigeria for his screenplay

Geoff Browne in DIBET.jpg
Geoff Brown at work2.jpg
Geoff Browne,a lengend filmaker.jpg

In West Hollywood, there are many famous filmmakers and those who pursue movie dreams, and Geoff Brownwe is a legend

Geoff Browne in China

Geoff Browne at work1.jpg
Mr.Sefi Carmel.jpg
The poster.jpg
New work of Sefi Carmel and his team.jpg

Sefi Carmel

Award winning


The work of Sefo Carmel and his

The new works by Sefi Carmel and his team.TheirSecret Magic Control Agency -Netflix Original Streaming 25th March 2021

Ashish Wagh Photo.png

Great Filmmaker -- Ashish Wagh

243807027_556320445451938_4596594532647834524_n (1).png

Commercial Shoot with Indian Football team captain Sunil Chhetri

Indian Film Deligation representer in China.png
Darklight - Shooting in North Sikkim (India).png

Indian Film Deligation representer in China

commercial shoot with legend Mr Amitabh Bachchan.png

commercial shoot with legend Mr Amitabh Bachchan

Hide & Seek Film Shoot.png
The Ploy - Script narration with artist.png

Darklight - Shooting in North Sikkim (India)

Hide & Seek Film Shoot

The Ploy - Script narration with artist

Lihaaf poster lauch at Cannes.png

Lihaaf poster lauch at Cannes

Hollywood international women arts alliance,LTD 

Sponsorship and support

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